JSR Consulting

I spend a few hours every week consulting in the area of plastic product design. My career spans forty years in plastic part and tooling design. Most of the parts I have developed are made from nylon, but I have experience with ABS, Styrene, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC, Tefzel, Halar, PEEK, and others. I have a good background in mold design, especially high speed multi-cavity molds.
Another expertise that I have developed is in failure analysis. Broken parts always have a story to tell.
Additionally, I have designed packaging from polypropylene, chip board, and corrugated. I helped implement the bar code system used in the electrical distribution industry.
I have experience with the UL recognition process, and the process for obtaining recognition to a military specification.
I am more than anxious to help you solve your problems in part design or tooling.

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