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Morty is a Guardian Angel cartoon character that I created in 1959 while attending college. I used him as an element of interest in letters to friends. After college, Morty took a long rest while he waited for me to retire. I always entertained the idea of bringing him out of retirement someday, and finally the inspiration came. I can entertain my grandchildren by using illustrations of Morty as the character of simple stories. Morty stories evolved from there.

I write the stories for children in the 3 to 12 year age group. I use everyday experiences mixed with a degree of creativity and poetic license to narrate the adventures of the central character. I also include Christian values without being preachy. Of course, parents will have to read the stories to the younger children, thus providing another opportunity for bonding between parent and child.

My motives are pure and intended to entertain. The stories also give me a personal outlet to be creative. All of the illustrations are by my own hand; the plots borrow from my personal experiences.

When I mail the story, I address the envelope directly to the child. In doing that, I try to create a sense of excitement in the child, i.e. that he receives something special in the mail intended solely for him.

Lastly, I include the child's name within the body of the story. This imparts the sense that Morty is special to him alone.

Up to this time, I have limited the distribution of Morty Angel stories to my immediate family. Now, I am offering his stories to you on a limited basis.

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