One of my hobbies is writing stories for my grandchildren. The stories are centered around a character named Morty Angel. Morty is a Guardian Angel who watches over each grandchild. Most of the stories include the child by name as a character. Sometimes the child is a primary character, in other stories the child is a minor character. As I develop into a writer, the child has become a more central character. More about the stories and the character on my website MortyAngel.com. The link below will take you there.
Another of my writing projects is called "Jun-e-or, A Recollection of Life in the Nineteen Forties and Fifties." This book is a compilation of my earliest recollections dating back to when I was a toddler. For example, I remember hearing FDR (President Franklin Delano Roosevelt) declaring war on Japan on the radio. A second vignette sees me standing on the front seat of my Dad's new used car. I was looking over the top of the backrest out the back window as he drove the car home from the seller's house.
The artist in me serves to illustrate the stories. For instance, each Adventure of Morty Angel is filled with cartoon drawings that are glimpses from the story. I make the stories available to my friends and relatives, but can be convinced to send one to your grandchild also. See how to obtain a story on the website.

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