My interest in woodworking started as a young boy. I discovered the wood shop at Tuley Park in Chicago. It was there that I learned the basics of shop safety while working on various projects. I made shadow boxes, magazine racks, and a kitchen cabinet for Mom's kitchen. In high school, I took one semester of wood shop. A few years ago, I rekindled the interest and began a hobby called Intarsia. This is the art of cutting and matching wood of different colors into shapes that fit snugly together to form a picture. I also sand the pieces extensively to give them contour and the third dimension. Many intarsia works are just flat pieces of wood cut to fit together. The only shaping that is done is to round the edges of the pieces. I am a fledgling at this art, and am still developing skill in selecting the wood, matching the grain, and cutting the pieces to fit closely. Some of my work is pictured below.

Winter Bear


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