Lions Logo After my wife Barb died, I was looking for activity to keep me out of the house. Friends told me of a group called W.O.W. (Widows or Widowers). I went to keep from sitting in the big house alone. Around sixty people attended. Of the sixty, ten were men. With all of the women in attendance, I went home having developed two new male friends, Tom and Joe.
Tom asked if I would like to attend a meeting of the Frankfort Lions Club, "sure," I answered. Well, Tom kept me coming as a guest for three months. Eventually, I joined the club and have had a wonderful experience. The Frankfort Lions Club is a group of people who have fun doing good work in the community. Currently, I am the Secretary of the Club, and also in charge of collecting used eyeglasses. My latest project is to develop a website for our local club. You can view the site by going to the link below.

Frankfort Lions Club

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