The Adventures of Morty Angel

Your Personalized Guardian Angel


"The Adventures of Morty Angel" is a series of personalized stories revolving around the escapades of the central character named Morty. Morty Angel, the guardian angel has been assigned to watch over you by his boss, GOD. The stories are entertain and educate. They carry a Christian theme. Each story can be made personal to the reader. They make excellent bed time stories. Morty Angel Personalized stories include the reading child's name within the story. The stories make excellent birthday, or holy communion gifts. They are also an excellent way to show a child that you love them. Personalized Angel stories are also a unique way to uplift a parent, grandparent, an aunt or uncle. Morty Angel serves them all.
Personalized Guardian Angel stories that contain the child's name make reading fun, and motivate the child to learn.
Each story includes the child as a character or as a reference. Based on the reaction I get from my grandchildren, reading their name makes the story much more exciting for them.

Morty is a Guardian Angel cartoon character. I created him in 1959 while attending college. I used him as an element of interest in letters to friends. After college, Morty took a long rest while he waited for me to retire. In the back of my mind, I always entertained the idea of bringing him out of retirement someday. Finally, the inspiration came. "Why not entertain my grandchildren by using illustrations of Morty as the character of simple stories." Morty stories evolved from there.

I write the stories for children in the 3 to 12 year age group. I use everyday experiences mixed with a degree of creativity and poetic license to narrate the adventures of the central character. I also include Christian values without being preachy. Of course, parents will have to read the stories to the younger children, thus providing an opportunity for bonding between parent and child.

My motives are pure, and intended to entertain. The stories also give me a personal outlet to be creative. All of the illustrations are by my hand; the plots borrow from my personal experiences.

When I mail the story, I address the envelope directly to the child. In doing that, I try to create a sense of excitement in the child, i.e. that he receives something special in the mail intended solely for him.

Lastly, I include the child's name within the body of the story. This imparts the sense that Morty is special to him alone.

Up to this time, I have limited the distribution of Morty Angel stories to my immediate family.


About the Morty Angel Stories



The Author

Grumpa Joe is the author, illustrator, and publisher of "The Adventures of Morty Angel.". His desire is to entertain and educate his own grandchildren.
The main character is a guardian angel named Morty Angel. Morty is a cartoon character that Grumpa Joe created in 1959, when he attended college. He used the cartoons to spice up letters to his friends. Morty took a long break after Grumpa Joe completed college and began a career as an engineer. When Grumpa Joe retired he began writing stories based on his cartoon angel. is a home based business that he began to spread the news of his creation.

The Cartoon Character--Morty Angel

Morty's name is derived from Mortimer Snerd the ventriloquist puppet used by Edgar Bergan..
Morty's curl resembles Elvis' hairdo.
Morty's belt is modeled after the habit of an Augustinian priest. In later stories, the belt serves as Sentra Vision.
Morty's scooter is named "Skye." Skye was inspired by the movie "Star Wars." The reason he rides the scooter is the theme of a future story.
Morty's friends are Gracie and Max, everyone needs friends.
Morty's boss is GOD.
Morty's assignment; Watch over you.
Morty has lettered in Angel Games at the Angel Academy and wears his letter "M" proudly.



What You Get

1. Each story includes your child's name within the story. Based on the reaction I got from my grandchildren, reading their name makes the story that much more exciting for the reader.
2. Each story is printed on high quality paper. The print is large for easy reading.
3. The illustrations are in color, except for "Pumkins From Space." I began coloring the cartoons after my grandchildren asked me why they weren't in color.
4. Each story has been tested on or by my grandchildren. The older children (7&8) look forward to new stories and are feeding me ideas for plots. One child takes the stories to school to share with her classmates.
5. I have sent many of the stories to my adult friends, including their names in the story. The reactions that I have received from the adults are all positive, many of them have encouraged me to publish. Their input is why you can twist my arm into sending you one.

To entertain and educate children with personalized angel stories.

To give children a challenging reading opportunity by providing personalized stories that include them as a character.

The goals of
1. To attract parents and grandparents to read 'The Adventures of Morty Angel' personalized angel stories to their children. To convince parents to use 'The Adventures of Morty Angel'  as a tool to learn while entertaining.
2. To attract adults, with friends and relatives ages 15-100, to use personalized Morty Angel Stories as an elevating and entertaining medium for their loved ones.
3. To provide real values to the reader.


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